Roseanna Ward over 1 year ago

VPP 05/04/2021

Dear City Leaders.

Living in this growing community for eight years, we wait for the rebirth of Victory Park Pool as our neighborhoods fill with families of young school age children who yearn for opportunities to gather and frolic together, establish a sense of belonging and create the beginnings of a sound and stable next generation Stockton. The staggering heat of Stockton summers restricts movement and breeds isolation on the hottest days. We have all had enough isolation in the arms of COVID. Please stretch out the arms of your authority to act on rebirthing a VictoryPark Pool. The finances are there. Let us see the action. With no excuses.

For years we ask, we beg, we meet. . . City Leaders STUDY with contracted advisors, regarding the viability of repair or rebirth of the pool. Does anyone in authority REALLY LISTEN to our pleas? Do our Stockton Leaders CARE?

Can you imagine the SOUNDS, the SIGHTS, the ENERGY that would bring LIFE, LAUGHTER and LOVE to our Victory Park Center.


Roseanna Ward