As a business owner who has been closed since March 2020 due to the state and county covid shutdown, our business property has been overrun with criminal vagrants. These are not what we would normally identify as "homeless". They are criminals who have cut into our electricity to charge their phones and heaters and even a microwave. They use our patio area to open packages stolen from nearby homes. They shoot up drugs and deficate on our patio.

I would ask that the city begin to address these types of individuals as criminal vagrants and hold them accountable - up to and including the police department being directed to run these people off during their patrols. Identifying these criminals as "homeless" is not only inaccurate but a disservice to the families, individuals, veterans and children who are legitimately homeless and in need of help.

Please help me run off the criminal vagrants so that we can direct more resources to the homeless people who want and need our help.

Thank you.

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